Courtney Love Picks On Taylor Momsen



Dear Frances Bean Cobain – do you want to come live with us? Because, based on the Twitter (and all other forms of media) ranting your mother does on a daily basis, we feel like we could provide a really stable home for you. Granted you’d have to live in our closet. Ugh, seriously it is so hard to believe Courtney Love has raised a kid, because she is so (clinical diagnosis coming up) nutso.

On this day in Twitter history, Love takes aim at Taylor Momsen who has done nothing much except emulate Love’s late ’90s look. And for that, Momsen must pay. Here we show you as assortment of the vitriol Love has spewed – we’re not sure whether to call her shrink, or a copyeditor.

  • @taylorxmomson shut the F*CK up you overpriveliged bratty bitch that picked one every freak in high school mention my name again? BAM
  • ahhh and after taht im just going to go to find a friend and have a Virgin daquiri im sure @taylorxmomson your very “sweet” but idontcare
  • @taylorxmomson is that youyr name? i dont watch tv or read teen mags and gossip rags so i wouldnt know, do NOT still “like my music”please
  • aha ah so @taylorxmomson so sorry although now ive spazzed inront of alot of people i feel lame, but theres a look in the eyes icanalwaystel

Hilariously, we can’t find any evidence that Momsen said anything to start this one-sided fight, and even more hilarious, @taylorxmomson is not a real Twitter account. [Photos: GettyImages]

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