From the Dept. of Genius Ideas That Shouldn’t Exist: The Dog Snuggie


The good people at Snuggie Inc. (the imagined name of this so-called “company”) have finally done it: They have invented something so stupid, so useless, so nonsensical, that we think it prime time to fold the Snuggie up into a tight Military triangle, and bury it deep, down into the Earth, in between the graves of the Thighmaster Family and the Baconwave clan. Because this time, Snuggie, this time you’ve gone too far.

Ladies and gentleman…


(Genius ad campaign designed by us)

Yes. They took a fleece blanket intended for people to use so that they may keep their arms warm while reading and watching television. And made one. For dogs. Because how else are dogs supposed to watch TV and read while staying warm? the only question, one wonders, is if they created a flap for easy ball licking. I wouldn’t put it past the Snuggie geniuses.

Now some of you are laughing, but some of you are obviously purchasing this product as we speak. For those of you not sold on it yet, we have the EXTREMELY PERSUASIVE INFOMERCIAL AHEAD. Be warned: You’ll probably buy one whether or not you even have a dog. It’s that handy!

Also, don’t get me started on the talking dog tag. Of course people buying this product would probably live in neighborhoods with high illiteracy levels. And don’t even GET me started on that little slut named Tilly:


She would live on 123 Main Street. (via Gawker)

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