Sherri Shepherd Gets Brazilian Wax on Special Episode of “The View From Hell”


Here’s something your deepest of fears never thought it would see: Sherrie Shepherd, in an effort to show people that the chest-waxing scene from 40 Year Old Virgin wasn’t pushin’ the envs as much as it could have, decided to get her V waxed. A Brazilian to be exact, you know, the one where they wax everything off save for a tasteful shape above your front-crack.

And, being Sherrie, she had the entire thing filmed for all of America to see. It’s sort of like Katie Couric’s live colonoscopy, only rather than saving lives, it’s scarring them for eternity. Specifically 1:59, where Sherri delivers a hair baby:

Somewhere, Star Jones is getting her ass bleached and wishing that people still cared.

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