Lambert Pelted With Sex Toys On Stage



We have never been the type to throw things onstage at a concert, mostly because underwear is expensive. But Adam Lambert fans aren’t so cheap (or shy) and these days, they’re throwing underwear, bras, and a whole lot of toys from babeland up on stage during his American Idol tour.

Lambert tells E! Online that he’s starting quite a collection of sex toys, thanks to his fans. “Somebody threw onstage a red-leather tasseled whip. . .And then the next night, I got one that was made out of, like, purple fur. It’s getting really S&M.” While he appreciates the fan fervor, he says it’s also a bit distracting while he’s trying to do his job. (We’d sure be distracted if people threw sex toys into our cubicle.) “Somebody threw a bra on during ‘Starlight,’ and, literally, it missed my face by three inches. Yeah, I am going to be a little bit more passive-aggressive, so I decided not to even acknowledge the bra that got thrown on stage, because I didn’t want to condone the behavior.”

Also, we get the whips and handcuffs that people throw, clearly Lambert can take these home for personal use. A bra though? That just seems like a waste on many levels.[Photo: GettyImages]

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