Pam Anderson and Tommy Lee: On Again



Mmm, they’re like the Liz Taylor and Richard Burton of our generation – nothing can keep star-crossed lovers Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee apart. The couple married in 1995, filed for divorce a couple times, reconciled a couple times, one gave the other Hep C, they made a sex tape here and there. You know, it’s the stuff fairy tales are made of. And in spite of all that, nothing can keep them away from each other.

Just this weekend, Pam and Tommy were seen cuddling and kissing at the Hard Rock Hotel in Las Vegas after a Motley Crue show Lee performed in. A source said, “They were making out all night and biting each other’s candy necklaces. Later, they headed to Vince Neil‘s Paradise Tower mega suite to continue partying.” Is it us or does this sound like the most awesome prom ever, circa 1988? [Photo: GettyImages]

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