Christina Hendricks Dishes On Her Bod, Brains



Christina Hendricks is everywhere lately, thanks to her amazing performance as Joan Holloway on Mad Men. The third season premieres on August 16, so the flood of press has begun, it’s hard to miss the ubiquitous photos and features of the cast all over the place. While it’s safe to say that everyone on the show is a breakout star, Hendricks is clearly the breakout bombshell (Sorry, Peggy Olson). With Hendricks though, there’s one thing people are focusing on (ok, two things), and she’s not shy about talking about her feminine wiles, both what she has to share on the outside and on the inside.

  • She’s leading the breast revolution: “I’ve been on TV shows for years and no one said a word about it. All of a sudden everyone says, ‘Oh, it must be so great to be on a show from the sixties, because now you can be on TV.’ It’s strange how astounded people are that I have breasts.”
  • On the subtle sexuality of the show: “Because there’s something in what you don’t see. Theres restraint. I’ve had people say to me, “My husband and I watch it and we always have sex afterwards.” I think it’s really hot that some of the things it’s stirring up in people are very naughty things.”
  • On being an inspiration for women with curves: ” I had one woman come up and say, ‘Watching you on TV makes me proud to have curves and be a woman in [Los Angeles].’ . . . Some of us have curves. We have a little booty and we have breasts and why on Earth should we be trying to hide them?  “
  • Discussing Joan being ahead of her time: “In 1960, Joan is stuck behind a typewriter. But in 2008, she’d be running the show. She’s sort of a precursor to some of the really powerful women that came to prominence a decade or so later.”
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