Creepy Nude Angelina Breastfeeding Sculpture On Show



Remember those shots of a breastfeeding Angelina Jolie that Brad Pitt took, and then shared them through the world through the pages of W magazine? Remember how hot and gorgeous and maternal Angie managed to look all at once? Remember how even though it was a little bit shocking, you weren’t trying to hide your eyes going, “Argh, make it stop, my brain was not built to see this!”?

Well, you are now. Some total nutjob artist named Daniel Edwards has created a totally disturbing sculpture of Angie breastfeeding the Wonder Twins, due to be exhibited on the streets of Oklahoma in September (lucky them!). We can’t decide what is more disturbing about this — Angie’s dead-eyed look, her nipple-less breasts, or the fact she’s grabbing those fake babies around the head to clamp them on to her fake boobs. Or the fact it’s predictable to imagine how some “hilarious” passer-bys will attempt to pose with that sculpture for their comedy Facebook snaps. Vom. [Photos: Splash News Online]

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