K-Fat To Endorse Weight Loss Product



Kevin Federline, seen here posing for his “Before” photo, is lining himself up with EP-2, otherwise known as Extreme Physical Performance, to shill for the weight loss product. The former dancer (remember when he was a dancer?) has let himself go as of late and is ready to start shedding weight in preparation for a new reality show. Even Britney Spears has reportedly been poking fun of his figure, referring to him as Kevin Fatterline to her friends. While we think that people who live in crazy glass houses shouldn’t throw stones, that is pretty funny.

The company has reportedly offered Federline $2.5 million to endorse their muscle-building diet supplement but Federline hasn’t found the time, in between smoking cigs and babysitting his four kids, to sign on the dotted line just yet. [Photo: GettyImages]

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