Lambert Denies Going Off On Fan



We have this internal struggle going, ’cause for six months this year, we were so anti-Adam Lambert it was all we could think about. We imagined that his voice was like a special sound that would somehow trigger the release of hell-demons, that’s how much we didn’t want him to win American Idol. The screeching, oh, how it makes us shiver! And yet, when it comes to Lambert as a person, we want to be friends with him in a bad way; he’s hilarious and he gives a great interview. Just yesterday, Lambert rebuffed a tabloid rumor that he went off on a fan for smudging his nail polish, saying, “That never happened. Oh my god, I love it! I love how they always go with a ‘very reliable source,’ ‘a close friend of Adam.’ I’m like, ‘Who?'”

As if the rumor wasn’t ridiculous enough on it’s own, Lambert goes on to explain his mani routine to further prove his point. “What’s really funny is, if I indeed painted my nails that day, it wouldn’t have been at the time when we meet and greet fans.” Like, no duh! Everyone knows you don’t paint nails before the meet and greet. It really is too bad we don’t like his voice, because we love everything else about Glambert. [Photo: GettyImages]

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