With Twitter Down, Will People Finally Have to Converse with One Another?


It is a very grim day in the world of time-consumerism, as reports are surfacing that hackers have gone for the waste-time-at-work jugular this time, performing a DOS attack on our beloved Twitter. Twitter’s last words, one imagines, looked a little like this:


Click here for appropriate sound effect.

Here’s a scary thought: Now that our society is so reliant on Twitter to communicate with one another, what happens when Twitter ceases to exist? Do we, you know, actually, like, have to, I don’t know, have a, jeez, a conversation… with (gulp) each other? It’ll probably sound a little something… like this:

How do you guys plan on dealing with this sudden and deadly turn of internet events? Please do not reply by saying “Doing actual work”, for then the hacker truly has won. And in a related story, add me! @michcoll is my “handle”.

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