Whedon Says Angel Would Kick Edward’s Butt



We admit that, while some of our friends and colleagues are rabid Twilight and True Blood fans, we will always be, first and foremost, Buffy and Angel devotees (from Buffy the Vampire Slayer, natch). We love a good vampire tale, but more than that we love the worlds Joss Whedon created, and we’ve been wondering what Whedon’s take on the whole Twilight thing is. Well, now we know what he really thinks, thanks to a recent interview in which Whedon claimed that if Angel (neé evil altar ego Angelus, neé Liam) and Edward Cullen ever got in a row, Angel would beat Edward’s ass. (Team. . .Angel?)

Says Whedon, “I think Robert Pattinson‘s really cool, [but] Angel would kick the sh*t out of him. Okay, he’s Angelus. There’s no Edward Cullenus, okay. He just gets shiny in the sun… [Angel star David] Boreanaz would have him down in a heartbeat. No offense, ’cause he’s hot.”

Whedon doesn’t totally hate on the Twilight series though – just like the ill-fated love affair between Buffy and Angel, Whedon thinks there’s something special about Edward and Bella’s chaste romance. “There’s something primal about that story,” he says. “You can’t get away from it, and it just works like gangbusters. I love it.” [Photos: GettyImages]

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