Baby Elephant Gets Stuck… In Your Heart Hole



Baby Elephants.  Just swangin’ their trunks around and having their little elephant hairs blow in the breeze and getting stuck in holes in Thailand.  This is exactly what happened to the little guy above, nicknamed Stinky, he with the serious personface.  Rescuers worked 3 hours to get his heavy baby ass out of a drain, taking exactly 2.5 hours to photograph the hilarity.   Though, judging by the cushy positioning and suspicious expression, something tells us Stinky didn’t so much mind the break.  Good news, he was lifted out unharmed, and no doubt a TLC special about the ordeal is in the works.

While the above image has already been made the desktop background on no less than three of our co-workers’ computers, it’s sort of a toss-up in our “Favorite Photo of the Day” competition with the following snapshot of a squirrel photobombing an otherwise trite vacation snapshot.  Urlesque assures us it is real and not ‘shopped:


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