Kathy Griffin’s New Man is Young, Dumb, and Full of Enthusiasm


Kathy Griffin Levi Johnston

Mistress of the Celebrity Hijinx Kathy Griffin may have sworn off marriage, but that certainly doesn’t mean she has to swear off the most virile D in all of Alaska. Above, Kathy debuts her new man, none other than Bristol Palin’s baby daddy Levi Johnston.

What do you think of this clearly extremely in love couple? Kathy’s lookin’ good. But remember when Shaq used to go on Leno, and Leno would try on Shaq’s jacket, and it was LULZ for days as Shaq’s sleeves would hang at least 3 feet past Leno’s delicate hands? That’s what Levi Johnston is looking like here. A small kid in a big suit posing with his mom mere hours before he’s about to lose his V-ginity on prom night. Then again, we now know that’s an impossibility.

Kathy Griffin Levi Johnston 2

Much luck to the happy lovers.