While You Were Still Cheering For Carl Reiner’s C-Word



  • Twilight won 11 Teen Choice Awards last night. The only award it didn’t win? Best Supporting Actress, which went to Catherine Keener for her dramatic turn in Synecdoche, New York.
  • G.I. Joe led the weekend box office with $56.2 million, thus completing the transformation of my childhood memories into a giant blob of nondescript CGI-ness.
  • Frank Langella has signed on for Wall Street II: Money Never Sleeps (yes, that’s the actual title). He’ll be the one to deliver the memorable trailer line, “When the President is greedy, it’s not illegal!”
  • Elisabeth Hasselbeck gave birth to a baby boy, Isaiah. Countdown to obligatory tv-personality bragging about how smart/funny their child is? Three seconds.
  • Otherwise, not too much going on in the news this m– Olivia Newton John’s Presumed Dead Ex Boyfriend Sends Fax From Mexico? Now we’re getting somewhere…