Awww! Leona Lewis Rescues A Rabbit



Remember those brilliant rumors of a few years back that claimed Mariah Carey used to insist on having a selection of cute puppies to pet backstage? Or was it Jennifer Lopez and some eeny-weenie kittens? Either way, it was one of our favorite examples of serious diva-ism, and now Leona Lewis, who’s one of the new VH1 Divas, has put her own twist on the formula.

The British star shelled out $100 last month to rescue a white rabbit from being a homeless man’s dinner after she spotted him on Melrose Place in LA (we are not making this up). Says a source, “She didn’t think life on a lead was any way for a rabbit to live – then when he said he was going to eat it she knew she had to save it. Now it has the run of her garden without the fear of being cooked for dinner,” it was reported.

And now it’s claimed Leona has started taking her pet bunny – named Melrose – into the recording studio with her, as the pair have become “inseparable”. Awww. [Photo: GettyImages]

Don’t forget to catch Leona on “VH1 Divas”, Sept. 17 at 9PM EST. Until then, get your divas fix by reading the full VH1 Divas press release, following the VH1 Divas Twitter and watching videos by the artists in the lineup. Plus, leave a testimonial for one of the divas at

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