Heidi Montag Shows Off What God Gave Her



Reality couple Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt talked to the September issue of Playboy and dished about their hot and heavy sex life and today we bring you the sexalicious photos of Heidi from inside her Playboy issue, and her custom-made body does look super hot. In addition to discussing the 20-30 orgasms a day Spencer gives her, Speidi also talked about doing it in a plane, the truth about Lauren Conrad‘s sex tape, and her future plans for plastic surgery.

Spencer On Lauren Conrad’s Sex Tape: “Yes, I facilitated the rumor, but it was true. Lauren was acting like she was little miss perfect goody two-shoes while [her boyfriend] Jason Wahler was trying to shop the tape. That tape exists!

Speidi On The Interesting Places They Do It: Heidi: “”…it makes me happy to see you happy. Like when we do it in the car.” Spencer: “Or on the plane on New Year’s Eve. How about that? When I initiated you into the mile high club? Holy sh*t!” Heidi: That was maybe the best experience I’ve ever had in my entire life. First flying to New York on a private jet and then getting to fulfill the fantasy of all fantasies. The hardest part was, like, keeping quiet so the pilots wouldn’t come back. Honestly, I feel as if I’m just beginning to know my body with you. You’re waking me up to what’s possible, and it makes me want to try every new thing, doing it all kinds of ways – indoors, outdoors, upside down. I feel sorry for couples who aren’t as sexually satisfied as we are.”

Heidi On Her Future Plastic Surgery Plans: “I’m definitely not done with my surgical quest. I think I want to go bigger on my boobs for you. Spencer: “Awesome. How big?” Heidi: “Triple X.” [Photo: Courtesy of Playboy]

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