McAdams Swoons Over Antonio Sabato Jr.



Proving yet again that she is anything but a mean girl in real life, Rachel McAdams had a total moment of fluster last week on the set of the Today Show. McAdams, who was on the show to promote The Time Traveler’s Wife, had a teenage crush on fellow guest Antonio Sabato Jr. Sabato was there to talk up his latest project, the VH1 reality show “My Antonio.” A flustered Rachel apparently got swoon-y over the “General Hospital” star.  A source said, “Rachel was blushing and told Antonio she had the biggest crush on him in high school.”  Sabato, Jr. reportedly was so flattered that he later sent McAdams flowers.

We’re sure a real love connection would be unlikely, but this would be a great beginning to a romantic comedy, a really meta one where they star as themselves and Al Roker plays matchmaker.

Check out all of the VH1 Blog’s coverage of “My Antonio,” and watch full episodes of the show right here on [Photos: GettyImages]

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