Sex And The City Stars Falling Out Already?



Like we’ve traveled back in time to the filming of the first movie, or the series, rumors are swirling once again that Kim Cattrall and Sarah Jessica Parker are not getting along. The stars are readying production on the totally unnecessary sequel to the 2008 hit Sex and the City movie, and with Kim’s recent breakup with chef Alan Wyse still raw, reports claim this is causing tension between them.

“Kim has been moping around, feeling sorry for herself and Sarah basi­cally told her to snap out of it and buck up her ideas. Kim didn’t take this too well and there is a very frosty atmosphere between the girls right now. They only speak to each other when absolutely neces­sary. The film producers are hoping this row doesn’t escalate and threaten the entire movie,” says the Metro.

And then Kim passed a note to Sarah that said “you smell” and Sarah made the “whatever” sign back while giggling with Cynthia Nixon (we imagine.) Girls, girls! Behave, please!  [Photo: Splash News Online]

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