Doug Reinhardt Misses “The Hills”



Doug Reinhardt seems to have a death-wish, at least when it comes to his reputation. The minor league baseball player appeared on “The Hills” a couple years ago when he dated Lauren Conrad, but lately he is spiraling deeper into the trashy world of famous-for-doing-nothing-ness. After leaving “The Hills” he hooked up with Paris Hilton, who he has been dating since February. Now, sidelined from baseball (first with an injury, and now with what we assume is a taste for fame), he wants to return to “The Hills.”

Cast members of the MTV show were partying in Atlantic City recently and were overheard talking about Doug, who wants a regular spot on the show. A source said, “He’s been begging MTV producers for a contract. Doug keeps calling MTV, but they don’t want him.” Reinhardt, who does occasionally appear on the show, does so for free. We urge Doug to get back to the baseball field and away from the vapid scripts and silicone on “The Hills.” Doug, you actually have a skill, use it! Save yourself! [Photo: GettyImages]

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