Heidi Montag’s Miss Universe “Performance”


We had been gearing up for Heidi Montag‘s live performance at the Miss Universe pageant because we’ve never seen her sing live and, well, when you close your eyes and imagine such a thing, usually a train wreck comes to mind. So when the real thing finally happened we were not let down, but in a way it felt familiar. . .like we had seen it before and then we realized: Montag performed a lackluster dance number to her song “Body Language” in a flesh-tone and sequin outfit that felt a little Britney Spears circa the VMA’s from 2000. We’re talking right down to the striptease portion where she undresses out of discreet black suiting and into revealing underthings.

Funny enough, producers were counting on a crappy performance from Montag. An insider at the pageant said they were counting on her to create buzz, but not really in a good way. “Everyone is going to talk about Heidi’s performance and the worse she is the more talk there will be,” they explained. Sums up her entire career pretty well, actually. [Video via EW]

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