Ben Stiller Begs Ryan Seacrest For Single Twitter RT Shout-Out


Man, Ben Stiller has really gone and done it now. The megastar, world famous for his work on of dozens of successful motion pictures, has recently discovered Twitter, the social networking website which allows people from all walks of life to waste hours vomiting out nothingness to people all over the world. Stiller isn’t too good for Twitter, though, and if anything has really begun to understand the power this little website that never seems to be working offers. Last week, he taught original Wizard of Oz star Mickey Rooney the joys that Twitter could bring to both the young and the old.

This week, Stiller reaches new heights (or lows, depending), and enlists America’s favorite navy brown television personality Ryan Seacrest, for a simple Twitter shout-out. After all, a Seacrest Twitter endorsement is like being knighted by the Rere Queen of the Internet. Check out the following video to see what went down, and keep your eyes peeled for BWE alums Paul Scheer and Rob Huebel in the background.

(via Buzzfeed)

(Shameless “Follow Me on Twitter” promotion found here.)

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