Rockettes, Santa, Giants Kicker Stop Traffic For A Kickline In August, Uhhhhhgainnn


Which aspect of this photo makes the most sense:

A) The Radio City Rockettes and Santa Claus stopping traffic for a lengthy choreographed celebration in the middle of August. Or…

B) The presence of an unambiguously hateful Lawrence Tynes, the New York Giants’ placekicker?

Rockettes - Tynes

It’s a tough one, but I’m gonna cheat and go with both A and B and multiply it by a million.

After the jump, more pictures of this sensemaking jamboree:

The Rockettes pulling some kind of Mortal Kombat Johnny Cage teleportation kick:

Rockettes Blur

Wide shot. A wider shot would reveal stopped cabs and swearing.

Rockettes Street

Confetti! Note Tynes clapping in the right of the frame, while subtly glancing around for potential escape manholes.