Parker Posey Stricken By Lyme Disease



We admit that our only real knowledge of Lyme disease came from watching the Seattle season of “The Real World” when crazy Irene, afflicted with the disease, went nuts on her cast mates and ended up getting smacked in the face by Stephen. Obviously there’s more to the disease than shouting at your roommates and talking to yourself, and it’s proven to be debilitating enough to knock Parker Posey out of an upcoming play she was to star in.

Posey, 40, was set to star in “This,” an Off-Broadway comedy, but a statement released by the theater company said she was forced to withdraw “due to a developing case of Lyme disease.” Posey has long been a fave of ours, mainly because of her role as a waitress at the DQ in “Waiting for Guffman,” and we hope she recovers quickly. [NY Times. Photo: GettyImages]

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