MEMO TO MY FUTURE KIDS: Please Get Me a Therapy Llama



We’ve heard of therapy animals before: Dogs, cats, social fish, brought in to help decrease loneliness in elderly hospice patients or those in the process of healing.

But today, consider our brains blown.

Because one of our favorite animals has just entered the Therapy Animal landscape… that being the majestic llama. Behold… a Therapy Llama named Pisco.


Being on the verge of a full blown flu myself, I’m pretty sure there is really no other animal who could help me through this painful time. So take note, future Collins spawn: When it looks as though my future is grim, saddle up a couple of these bastards and watch my heart monitor line go from the Miami flatlands to a Rocky Mountain High.  Imagine the delight on this patient’s face, waking up to a sweet, long-lashed llama grin:


Of course, there’s a downside: There will always be those who are terrified of Llamas…


So make sure to check with your family member before heading here.

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