Sex And The City Mayhem



For all those people who didn’t think a Sex and the City movie sequel was necessary, there are the mobs of fans that exist to offer up a dissenting opinion. In fact, the fans who have been crashing the set of the movie, currently filming in Manhattan, have gotten so numerous that extra security detail had to be added to the film set to ward them off.

One witness to the madness said of the added bodyguards “They looked more like they were protecting the President than Sarah Jessica Parker.” Apparently though, the security was a bit too rough with the onlookers and both SJP and co-star Chris Noth asked them to take it easy on the fans. Could the SATC set be our generation’s Altamont, the famed 1969 concert where the Hells Angels served as security and killed a fan? It wouldn’t surprise us — people are crazy for Carrie. [Photo: Getty Images]

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