From The Makers Of “C*cktomom,” Here Comes “Jon & Kate F*ck 8″


We truly are living in a golden age of tabloid-inspired pornography:

Jon n Kate F 8

What’s the plot? Wait no lemmie guess…Jon and Kate eff a bunch of people?

“In our movie they go to marriage counseling and come out with the suggestion that maybe they should go out there and bang other people, so they do and then it turns out that after they sow their wild oats that they are meant to be together,” he said. “It’ll probably be true to life.

“Right now with the timing of it—they’re on TV every three minutes—I think this movie is going to be huge.”

Ahh, so they don’t have sex with their eight children, that’s good to know. Also, the movie is not just the eighth installment of the popular porn series, “Jon & Kate F*ck.”

I think DListed’s image title just about sums up the rest.

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