OMFG: Tiniest Dog in the World Dies; Ruins Labor Day Weekend



As though being violently ill over a three-day weekend wasn’t bad enough, now this: The World’s Tiniest Dog Scooter has passed away, at the age of 7 buttons and a pinch of the warmhearts. Look at him! He’s a fleshy cup of fuzz tea!

Truth is, Scooter wasn’t even a year old. And his obituary might be the saddest — and therefore mustreadiest — thing we’ve ever seen. The highlights:

He broke his leg jumping out of the hands of a minder earlier this week. His tiny leg was put in a cast but the medication he was given for it caused stomach ulcers and he did not survive.

D: It goes on.

The 8cm tall, 20cm long, pooch is now buried in his shoebox at the bottom of his owner’s Gisborne garden.

Scooter slept and spent a lot of his life in the shoebox, she said.

When he died the vets offered Ms McKnight a box to bury him in, but it was too big.

There was no box small enough for him. I said `I’m not going to bury him in that’, so I thought I would put him in the shoe box he lived in. The poor little fella. I put him in the box with flowers and a little dove picture to take him to heaven – he looked wonderful.”

His weight never exceeded 400 grams – and that was while fully clothed. Ms McKnight fashioned a regular purple sock into a jersey, which Scooter wore around the house so he was easily seen. He was originally named Pee Wee, but Ms McKnight changed it, saying she didn’t want him to suffer an inferiority complex.

BRB… sobbing.

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