Mel B Will Do Playboy When She’s Desperate Enough



Former Spice Girl Mel B has done well turning her super-ripped body into a profitable industry — with her Totally Fit DVD and stint as British bra brand Ultimo’s celebrity face, she’s got the honed curves most women would dream of. And that men would dream of in a different way, obvs, which is why Playboy magazine have been sticking their dollar-encrusted oar in. But Mel’s made it clear that actually, things are going well enough at the moment without having to resort to Heidi Montag tactics.

“They’re offering me a ridiculous amount of money but I’m just not ready to do it. I’ll consider it in the future when I feel the time’s right,” she said. Translation: when the time comes when nobody is returning my calls and a hot body is the only thing I have left, then I’ll do it. We like Mel a lot, so hope we don’t have to endure her mens mag special anytime soon. [Photo: Splash News Online]

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