Melanie Oudin Learns The Price Of Fame The Hard Way



Earlier this week, everyone was talking about Melanie Oudin. The 17-year-old athlete defeated several highly-ranked tennis players and made it to the quarterfinals at the U.S. Open, becoming an overnight sensation, until her defeat a couple days later. The adorable, talented teen is the picture of success, but the down side of fame is having your life picked apart by the media, and that’s just what they’ve done to Melanie.

Unfortunately, the young athlete’s time in the spotlight means that the details of her parents divorce have become public and, scandalously, her father alleges that her mom was having an affair…with Melanie’s tennis coach. Her father, John Oudin says, “On December 29, 2007, I confronted my wife about whether she was having an affair with Brian de Villiers. I confronted Brian de Villiers separately. My wife and Brian de Villiers both admitted to me they were having an affair.”

It gets even worse because Mr. Oudin also states that his daughters (Melanie and twin sister Katherine) were aware of the affair as well. “Both asked me point blank if I thought Mom was having an affair with Brian.” Despite the allegations, De Villers is still Oudin’s coach. We hope for Melanie’s sake that her success doesn’t get overshadowed by this dark cloud of media speculation. The last thing we need is for her to pull a Jennifer Capriati. [Photo: GettyImages]

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