MAD MEN RECAP: Duck Phillips Is Back And Turtleneckier Than Ever


Michelle and I have fundamentally disagreed on Mad Men Season 3 thusfar — I loved all of the first four episodes (acknowledging the weirdness of that Pete Charleston scene), while Michelle felt that after Episode 3-1, they’ve all been pretty boring. We both, however, agreed that Episode 5 “The Fog” was pretty boring, and have half-assedly argued back and forth about who’d write the Mad Men post today. Because the show did have the decency to toss us some Duck Phillips this week, I have ultimately obliged.

Rather than dwell on the uncharacteristically slow-moving plot, the disturbing lack of screentime for both Roger and Joan, or the lame Sopranos-knockoff-ey Betty dream sequences (the feather from Forrest Gump became a grub or something!), I’ll focus on the positives of last night’s Mad Men ep.

Good Thing #1 – The Return of Duck Phillips

Duck Phillips Season 3Why have I spent most of my Mad Men blogspace demanding a Duck Phillips return? A couple reasons:

One, his name is “Duck Phillips” and he has a bunch of ducks on his wall. I shouldn’t need to continue, but I will.

Two, while every actor and actress on this show is amazing, Mark Moses more than any other actor looks and sounds like he literally walked out of the 60s and onto the screen. Every time he does anything, it’s inconceivable that it is not actually occuring in the 1960s, and it blows my mind.

And Three, Duck Phillips is a perfect encapsulation of a totally believable, totally lame dude. I don’t mean the character is written lamely, I mean that he’s written awesomely to be a lame character, and all of his squareness and very very slight incompetency is just overwhelmingly relatable and entertaining. And for good measure, he wore a turtleneck to a business lunch yesterday. He’s not entirely unlike Mad Men’s answer to Ned Flanders.

Good Thing #2 – Is Something Going On Between Don And Sally’s Teacher?

It’s been really, really subtle, but I’m gonna go out on the edge of a far-out limb and suggest that Sally’s teacher and Don maaaaaaay be interested in one another. Don’t believe me? Check out these screenshots:

Mad Men Teacher 1

Mad Men Teacher 2

Mad Men Teacher 3

Good Thing #3 – Lisa Simpson Cameo

Speaking of Ned Flanders in Point #1… Who made a teeny guest appearance as a nurse last night but Lisa Simpson herself, Yeardley Smith. I couldn’t find a good pic of her character on the Mad Men site, so I spent hours on this intricate Photoshop re-enactment:

Lisa Mad Men

Good Thing #4 – January Jones Looked Really Hot During That Dream Sequence

Plotwise, it may have been a low-quality photocopy of Sopranos Season 4, but Betty at least looked really good during her drug-induced dream sequence:

January Jones Dream

Good Thing #5 – Conflict Of Interest Much?

Remember when Duck Phillips told Pete “Don’t worry, I’ll tell your secretary it’s Clorox calling?” Check out’s Mad Men video player:


Mad Men? More like, Mad Top Chef! …Men. Right? Sure.

Mad Men Episode 5 thoughts? Leave ‘em in the comments!

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