Jordan Reaches New Disgusting Depths



We’ve been trying very hard in the Fab Life’s UK HQ to avoid the white noise of Katie Price – AKA Jordan’s – attempts to get sympathetic press in the wake of her split with Peter Andre. After behaving like a complete party girl – living it up in Ibiza, badmouthing her ex and then hooking up with a cage fighter who took part in a rape fantasy movie (oh yes) – it has clearly surprised Katie that around 99.9% of the population are firmly on Team Andre. He, meanwhile, is anointing his newly-sainted reputation by pledging to remain celibate until the divorce comes through, never dissing Katie to the press and still being a dad to his three children (the eldest of which, Harvey, isn’t his biological child).

So, what’s an attention-crazed lady to do? Revealing she’d suffered a miscarriage didn’t work, so instead Katie has claimed she was raped when she was younger, and that Pete knew about it. He’s denied knowledge so now – metered out in weekly, no doubt fee-paying installments to the UK celebrity press – Katie has revealed her aggressor was a celebrity to ramp up the headlines just that bit more.

Don’t get us wrong – we’re so cold-hearted we think she’s lying. We’re just so sick of her using any depths at all in order to remain in the headlines, beyond any measure of dignity. It’s getting dark. [Photo: Getty Images]

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