Lindsay Parties With The Underage



It’s nice to see that Lindsay Lohan and her 15-year-old sister Ali remain close, but not to get all Judgey Judgerson around here, we wish Lindsay would set a better example for her sis and not like, invite her along for the ride that is her life. Earlier this month, LiLo took Ali out on the town in L.A. where they hit up places like the Crown Bar and Teddy’s, a bar inside the Roosevelt Hotel. A patron at Teddy’s said “Both of them were smoking like chimneys and dancing around.” When asked what he thinks about such outings, daddy Michael Lohan said “I’m glad Lindsay and Ali remain so close. However, they’re independent people and are capable of making their own decisions.” Sigh. We’re kinda glad we had parents that punished us for being bad.

Now Lindsay has taken to corrupting yet another teen: she and 16-year-old Taylor Momsen were hanging out with one another during Fashion Week (don’t they look happy?). Momsen has mentioned how disillusioned she is with being 16, but might we suggest spending time in the company of non-Lohans? You know, just in case she’s concerned with career longevity. [Photo: Getty Images]

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