Do You Smell Fierce…Or Sasha Fierce?


Every celebrity has a perfume nowadays, so it was only a matter of time before Beyonce signed on to create one too. Beyonce recently made a deal with fragrance manufacturer Coty to release a scent in 2010, but Abercrombie & Fitch wanted to make sure that the singer, whose last album was called “I Am…Sasha Fierce”, didn’t use her alter ego’s name on the product. Abercrombie owns a trademark to the word “fierce” and uses that as a name for one of its own fragrances and they’re worried that a Sasha Fierce fragrance might cause confusion or cost them sales.
Call us crazy but can’t we deduce that Abercrombie jumped on the Tyra/Christian Siriano/every other diva-tastic celeb bandwagon when they decided to co-opt that word? Get over it, guys. No one is going to confuse anything you do for anything Beyonce does. Regardless, Beyonce and Coty have assured everyone the word “fierce” will not show up in any of its branding. Which is good because if someone told us we smelled fierce, we’d think it was time to shower. [Source: BBC; Photo: Getty Images]
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