Who’s Replacing Who Now? Paula Spoofs Ellen On Divas!


Let’s discuss for a moment the similarities between Paula Abdul and Ellen Degeneres. They both love to dance. They’re both capable TV hosts, as Paula has made obvious tonight during her stint as the VH1 Divas emcee. And of course they are both members of the exclusive club known as the American Idol judges. But if you assume Ellen is the only funny one, we’d just like to point to this moment during Divas to say au contraire.

We love Paula even more for being able to laugh at herself and the entire Idol judges situation of late. Paula, dressed in a blazer and sneakers and dancing in true Ellen fashion, wished her successor the best of luck in the new gig and even offered up a sympathetic ear if Simon proves to be too much for her. Our fingers are crossed that Ellen dresses as Paula on her talk show tomorrow to continue the gag.

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