Paula Abdul Declares Liza Minelli The Next American Idol


As we watched the VH1 Divas show broadcast from the Brooklyn Academy of Music and caught a whiff of the fact that Ms. Liza Minelli was in the audience, we almost peed our pants with excitement. While some of us from VH1 were live-blogging from the show, othersĀ  were watching from our homes in Brooklyn, a mere mile from Liza, one of our heroes — she was so close! Oh, and what’s that? Liza is actually going to appear onstage? With Paula Abdul? And accept Paula’s shoes as an award?! Yes, please. This delightful bit of crazytown had us on the edge of our seat — both Paula and Liza (“with a Z”) are seasoned performers but both have a dash of “the meds make me forget things” that made us worry they were veering off script. They saved it though in the end and we found Liza thrilling as always…even if she didn’t sing for us.

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