THE OFFICE SEASON 6 PREMIERE: Liked It Almost As Much As I Like Men’s Butts


Last night’s Office premiere picked up right where last season left off both plotwise and being-on-a-roll wise, wrapping the Jim & Pam pregnancy into an episode full of ridiculous Michael rumors, a shocking Stanley subplot, interns joylessly watching the horror unfold, and the requisite weekly amazing Ed Helms moment.

The funniest moment of the episode for me, though, was the ultimate culmination of Michael’s horribly botched coverup of Stanley’s affair, as he hopelessly tried to lie his way through an extremely brief phone call with Stanley’s wife Terri concerning Stanley’s affair with his ex-nurse Cynthia. And Season 6 is off to an appropriately awkward start…

I tell ya, this Carell fellow, he’s got a future ahead of him.

Office premiere thoughts? Favorite lines/parts? Season predictions? Leave ‘em all in the comments.

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