Ozzy Osbourne Describes Life On Reality TV As “Terrifying”



If there are two things Ozzy Osbourne is famous for, they’re his reality TV show on MTV and the fact that he bit the head off a live bat during a concert, and he addresses both in his upcoming autobiography. The funny thing is that while both situations were crazy, the one he describes as “terrifying” is actually the TV show.

In the new memoir, entitled “I Am Ozzy,” Osbourne candidly discusses the show that made him and his family uber-famous, saying “It was terrifying, man. The whole thing felt like Beatlemania on LSD. I was no longer famous for being a singer. I was famous for being that swearing bloke on the telly.”

An excerpt of the book is available on the Times Online website, where you can read about the bat-biting incident as well in gooey, bloody detail. Personally it was too gory for us to handle at such an early hour in the day.[Photo: GettyImages]

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