Jessica Simpson Suffers After Dog Disappears



Jessica Simpson had to come to grips with the fact that her Maltipoo, Daisy, who was snatched by a coyote last week, was gone. It’s not easy to lose a pet, but we can only imagine the horror she felt when she actually watched Daisy get scooped up by a wild animal, so it’s no surprise that she’s taking the loss pretty hard. Daisy was like a child to Jessica, getting pampered left and right, eating steak, taking naps, traveling to more places than we’ll ever go in our lifetime, and friends are saying that Simpson is not doing well and is missing Daisy terribly.

Several of Simpson’s friends have talked to People about her current state of mind and though they are all concerned, some are more dramatic than others. Says one friend, “It’s going to put her into a tailspin. It will put her into the worst place ever,” while another pal is more optimistic, saying “She’s really upset, but she’s not spiraling out of control by any means. She’ll get through this but it is like losing a family member. She’s focusing on work and spending time with her family and friends.”

Ugh, it’s one thing to mourn the loss of you beloved pet (not to mention having to deal with a well-publicized break-up) and it’s another to have multiple friends discuss your mental state over it. We’re sure she will be just fine. [Photo: GettyImages]

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