Chelsea Handler Dishes It Out



Some late night talk show hosts maintain a sense of diplomacy and don’t criticize their guests on or off-stage (we’re looking at you, every NBC host out there), which is nice on a certain level. But on another level, we want to see someone real, with opinions (i.e. David Letterman whenever anyone from “The Hills” is booked on his show). Chelsea Handler manages to do both, being acerbic but also showing compassion for some of her guests and basically cutting through all the Hollywood BS. In an interview with the Village Voice, Handler is awesomely open about how she feels about certain celebrities and we though we’d share some of those soundbites.

  • On Jennifer Aniston: “She’s not playing the victim! The press plays the victim for her. All the stories about her—’She’s so lonely.’ Please! She’s having the time of her life! She goes to Mexico every other weekend with her girlfriends, while Angelina and Brad shuffle their kids across country. Would you rather wake up with a margarita or eight children?”
  • On Tila Tequila: “I had Tila Tequila on because everyone made such a big deal about this girl from MTV who’s bi-curious. I almost fell asleep during the interview.”
  • On Spencer and Heidi (who she has nicknamed Herpes Simplex I and II): “I don’t want to discuss them because they don’t deserve to be talked about.”
  • On Tori Spelling: “I like Tori. I actually think she’s done very well considering what she’s been through. And she looks better. . .I think she had her boobies and eyes done on the same day. Two for one!”
  • On the rest of the cast of “The Hills:” “The girls from The Hills are cute, but I like people who have energy and have something fun to say. But luckily, the interviews are so quick, and it’s on to the next.”

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