Get Fixed on NBC’s “Mercy”, Tonight at 8 PM!



Tonight, NBC debuts its latest in a long history of exciting medical dramas — only now, with more ladies! — called Mercy (“Like ER, But With a Lot More Ms, Cs and Ys.”) The show was born from the mind of Liz Heldens, who has already won your heart as the creator of Friday Night Lights. Mercy chronicles the daily lives of those hospital employees you actually see and talk to and manage to deal with: The nurses.

The star of the show, Nurse Veronica Flanagan Callahan (played by Taylor Schilling in her most Irish, multi-named role ever) has just returned to Mercy Hospital following a tour in Iraq. And wouldn’t you know it? Turns out she’s smarter than most of the doctors. Ain’t it always that way?

Together with fellow nurses Sonia “Spicy Hispanic” Jimenez (Jaime Lee Kirchner from FX’s Rescue Me), and Chloe Payne “In Everyone’s Ass (Probably)” (Gossip Girl’s Michelle Trachtenberg), they manage the daily aspects of such an often traumatic job with the finer points of their own personal lives. In other words, they’ll each probably sleep with one of the doctors at some point and maybe even each other (also known as “The 4th Season Switcheroo”). And don’t even front, you know you love that.

Watch the premiere of “Mercy“, tonight at 8 PM ET, only on NBC!

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