Julia Roberts Upsets Locals On New Film



Julia Roberts has reportedly pissed off locals in India while shooting her new film. Production of her latest movie Eat, Pray, Love should probably be renamed Eat, Don’t Pray, and Get Out Of Ms Roberts’ Way Now, Peasant as it’s closed down a Hindu temple for filming purposes during a religious festival. Ironically, the movie’s about a woman who finds herself spiritually.

“Entry for devotees is barred. We were not allowed to enter and pray in the morning by the security. Only those who could manage to sneak in did so but most of us were all sent back. It’s Navratras and we must not be stopped from visiting a temple,” a local says. Julia has also come under ridicule in the Indian press for her “presidential” security arrangements; surrounding herself with 40 gunmen and traveling in  a bulletproof car during her stay.  [Photo: FilmMagic]

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