“Sweet Valley High” Gets Cody’d


Diablo Cody

We were pretty obsessed with the “Sweet Valley High” books growing up – 16-year-old twins Jessica and Elizabeth Wakefield and their perfect size-six figures and blonde hair were all we aspired to be. (We are totally Team Elizabeth by the way – Jessica was too much of a bad girl for us to emulate, the way she dated seniors and dyed her hair black that one time.) Lucky for us, Sweet Valley is coming back, and it’s getting the Diablo Cody treatment.

Cody has signed on to write and produce an adaptation of the books series which ran from 1983-2003. While the books we know an love were quintessentially 80s, we’re curious to see how Cody’s adaptation plays out – will the sisters have dueling blogs? Will their older brother Steven run an ironic tee-shirt business? Will Elizabeth’s nerdiness shift from straight-A studiousness to comic-book geek chic? We can’t wait to see how Cody revives one of our favorite series. We can only hope she’ll start on “The Babysitter’s Club” next. [Photo: GettyImages]

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