Baby Battle: Katherine Heigl Vs. Ellen Pompeo


Katherine Heigl and Ellen Pompeo

In a move worthy of a dramatic nighttime medical soap opera, people are accusing Katherine Heigl of trying to upstage her co-star Ellen Pompeo by revealing her adoption details on the same day that Pompeo pooped out her new baby. A source familiar with both actresses said that Heigl’s adoption of 10-month-old Naleigh, which was made public on September 15, was planned to detract from Pompeo’s baby delivery. “It was very curious timing for her to drop that. It was an adopted kid — she could have chosen any other day to make it public. Why compete?” the source said.

Then Pompeo announced her baby’s birth yesterday, the same day that Heigl’s People magazine cover was released. Is it all a coincidence that the crew at Seattle Grace have baby fever, or are they really that competitive? Judging from the real-life drama on that set, we wouldn’t put it past them.[Photo: GettyImages]

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