She’s A Barbie Girl



Yesterday we heard the news that a live-action Barbie movie was green lit. (Let’s all give a collective head shake and groan.) There are probably a lot of actresses for whom a role like this is beneath them, but one starlet is totally doing research for the role, perhaps unwittingly: Paris Hilton was just chilling in Beverly Hills yesterday in her customized pink Bentley. That’s sooo Barbie!

What was she doing, picking up gifts for Ken? Getting her foot arches massaged? We actually don’t think Paris was prepping for the role, but it would be a pretty genius casting move if you wanted to turn Barbie’s story into a cautionary tale full of pink-accessorized DUI’s and paparazzi photos. [Photo: GettyImages]

Gossip Break!

  • Kristin Cavallari apologizes to the world for introducing Spencer to Heidi, but the world does not forgive her. [LimeLife]
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  • Jay-Z teaches Oprah how to rap, we assume she will have her handlers wipe the dirt off her shoulder. [ConcreteLoop]
  • Hey hipster, need a Halloween idea? Be a wild thing. [Jezebel]
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