THE OFFICE: Hey You Assh*le, You Gonna Eat All That Dog Food Yourself??


Office Michael Jim DwightThe Office took an unexpected but welcome turn back into Plot Towne last night, following up an innocuous but hilarious episode of Michael lies with a monumental step forward, as David Wallace promoted Jim to be Michael’s co-manager. Michael’s reluctance to acknowledge Jim as his peer — “I am also being promoted, to co-manager, we will be co-managers together…” — and Dwight’s unambiguous reaction hinted pretty clearly at the roadblocks we’ll encounter in the weeks to come (at least, unless the show gets into a weird midseason streak of stand-alone episodes that mysteriously don’t mention anything about the plot, which is very likely).

Overall, the episode wasn’t as funny as the Season 6 premiere, but like the Michael Versus Dwight episode from last year, The Office forced us to confront how much we really do care about what happens to these characters, with a dilemma far more engaging than any throwaway crime drama murder. I really did feel bad for Jim when Michael half-understandingly threw him under the bus. And, as awkward as Dwight is, he’s always been the branch’s hardest worker, and now he’s gonna have to answer to his once-equivalent rival?

The episode still did have plenty of laugh-out-loud moments, including maybe the most uncomfortable cold open yet, and the following moment, Michael’s impeccable Michael Winslowey “door opening” routine:

Episode thoughts? Favorite parts / lines? Jim/Dwight reactions? Season predictions? Leave ‘em in the comments!

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