Robert Pattinson Can’t Avoid Fame, Gets His Own Documentary Film



We feel so bad for poor Robert Pattinson. The guy clearly just wants to be left alone to play guitar and not wear deoderant while hanging out with secret girlfriend Kristen Stewart, and instead he’s stuck being written about by, well, bloggers like us who are infatuated with him. And it’s only getting worse; RPattz is now the subject of a documentary film entitled Robsessed, which follows the star from childhood, through his modeling career and his current stint as the most talked about guy on earth.

The funny thing is, Rob’s had a pretty uneventful life. He seems to come from a normal family and has only made a handful of movies. The most interesting thing the guy did this past year – besides, you know, conquering the planet – is switch up his NY Yankees hat for a new white cap. Considering the way in which he and KStew bolted from the cameras this weekend after dinner together in Vancouver, we can’t imagine the guy is gonna be thrilled the continued attention.

The real question is – will his fans, who are super-protective of the star and his privacy, spend $20 to satisfy their Rob-lust, or will they stand by their man and snub Robsessed? [Photo: Splash News Online]

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