Tyler Perry Reveals Past Childhood Abuse, Molestation



In an email to fans, writer/actor/producer Tyler Perry has revealed that he is the survivor of childhood abuse and molestation. The Madea star says he was inspired to pen his note after viewing the film Precious for the first time, a movie he then went on to co-produce with pal (and fellow abuse survivor) Oprah Winfrey, and which tells the story of  one teenager’s struggle with sexual and physical violence. “It gave me so much hope after watching it,” writes Perry. “For everyone who has been a Precious, male or female, this movie will make you so glad you made it through.”

He goes on to discuss physical violence at the hands of his alcoholic father and sexual abuse by a female neighbor at the age of ten (she locked him in her house, put the door key inside her vagina and told him to “come get it”), and references a male member of his church who molested him. As if that wasn’t horrific enough, his grandmother once bathed him in ammonia to “cure” him of his allergies. How did he get through these years of terror? “GOD,” writes Tyler, “only GOD.”

Read Tyler’s letter in its entirety here. [Photo: GettyImages]

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