“Tracy Morgan” is to “Twitter” as “Life” is to “Vastly Improved”


Mention anything Twitter-related to Tracy Morgan, and receive this reaction:


But hopefully… that will soon change.


Twacy.org, a new website launched today, has one simple mission in this very complicated world: To get OUR FAVORITE GENIUS and HIP-HOP HONORS HOST Tracy Morgan to join Twitter. It’s a fairly simple concept, really, but one with miraculous results. A world where Tracy Morgan can keep us up to date on the various Morgan-utiae of his fantastic life would be one well worth living in. Even though we all know nothing — not even Twitter — can limit Tracy Morgan to 140 characters or less. He’s really more of a Twerbose man, isn’t he?

Still, this hasn’t stopped the Tracy.org people from moving forward with their goal. Check out their campaign ad created for the sole purpose of getting Tracy Morgan on Twitter after the jump.

Sorry, what was that? Am I on Twitter? Why yes… I am.

ilariousAnd speaking of the Internet and “humor” (imagine?), check out this new iPhone application whose pun name alone has me sold: iLarious, which brings you comedy content from your favorite television shows, websites, as well as original content, to your handy and much-coveted iPhone. It’s like the I Am T-Pain app for the New Yorker set. And for only $1.99… well, you could do a lot worse. Click here to pick it up!

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