Gosselins Promise Day Of Media Silence


Jon & Kate Gosselin

After a crazy week-plus of back-and-forth allegations of theft, contentious birthday parties, prime time comedy skits, debates with Nancy Grace and photo ops with pooper scoopers, Jon and Kate Gosselin will not be speaking to the media until arbitrators speak their peace on the money drama. “We have a truce,” JoGo lawyer/camera hog Mark Heller told E! News. “Neither side will be commenting until after the hearing.” And since that’s not scheduled till Tuesday, that means we should have at least one day without either hitting the tube. Hard to believe, we know!

Don’t expect them to stay quiet much longer than that, though. In an interview with PopEater just before the “truce” buzzer, JoGo made clear his desire to stay on the tube even if the kids are moved to an undisclosed bunker. “[I hope to work in] television. Hosting something or doing something like that. Reality TV, I’m not so sure. I just don’t want to be involved in reality TV. I could see myself doing maybe reality documentary, where there’s eight episodes or something like that, but I’m never signing up for 40-50 episodes ever again.” Let’s see how he feels if those “TV Host/Fashion Designer” dreams fall through.

[Photo: Getty Images]

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