Mad Men: Greetings and Salugaytions


LUCKY-STROKE--1This week’s episode of Mad Men, “Wee Small Hours”, really got back to its Season 1 and 2 roots: Sex sex sexy sex, and how it will eventually be the downfall of man. Or a man, if you’re Sal. Matthew Weiner said that this episode focuses on “how people deal with their urges.” And considering I ate not one but two Lil’ Drumsticks while watching (and no, I don’t think that’s a euphemism), the man has a point.

First, you have Conrad Hilton — or “Connie Hilty”, as we prefer — waking Don up in the middle of the damn night for advice. We swear, this actor was somehow less annoying as the Ben Gay swilling baseball player in Major League. But hey – Don is like a son to him! But how do you say “Batsh*t Crazy Eccentric Billionaire in Italian? Hilton.”

Then you’ve got Betty and her new Pen 15 Pal Henry. How this woman manages to lure in these masculine works of art is something to truly be in awe of. But even though their quickly scrawled notes to each other (could anyone read his letter?) seemed to be dripping with passion, Henry still sends along Mrs. Doubtfire as a d-replacement to Betty’s impromptu sexy fundraiser. Betty, in turn, throws an adult lady baby fit, driving to Henry’s office, tossing a 48-lb metal safe at his head, and then rebuffing his sexy manvances. She leaves his office, presumably to go pass out on her fainting couch and m-bate to a Hermes catalog.

And Sal. Poor, poor Sal. While we all know he wants to get his G-ness on in the worst way possible, the last place he wants that to happen is at work. Or, should we say:

slutty-bettySo when yet another undeniably handsome character by the name of Lee Garner, Jr., heir to the Lucky Strike cigg fortune, makes a late night move on Sal in the editing room, we’re not met with the same passion we saw in the famous “Bellhop reaching for the tip – no – the other tip” scene from earlier this season, instead an embarrassed Sal who would rather not G it up at the workplace. Actor Bryan Batt really outdid himself during this scene. The acting was beyond authentic, and heartbreaking.

And Sal. Poor, poor Sal. Gets f**ked. Not literally, of course. Lee Jr. calls to get Sal fired, and that’s exactly what happens. And as my best gay friend put it “That’s some bull ish right thurr.” Now the show is down two of our favorite characters, Joan and Sal, and the gayest thing we have left Conrad Hilton’s mustache.

Finally, Don bones that teacher. This is probably the only thing about the episode that just didn’t feel right. Overall, though, we loved the episode. It’s setting us up for some major fireworks in the Season 3 finale and for next year.

It’s Columbus Day, and we’re assuming most of you are still in bed spooning spaghetti bolognese. So we’ll leave you with the AMC recap and ask what you thought about last night’s episode.

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